The chronicles of the Sinister Six… an adventure in Warhammer Fantasy RPGThe chronicles of the Sinister Six… an adventure in Warhammer Fantasy RPG

The chronicles of the Sinister Six… an adventure in Warhammer Fantasy RPG

So today starts a new campaign for my Monday night group that I am just thrilled to death about. We’re using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying rules 2nd edition. I like D&D very much, but I’m suffering, surprisingly, the same burnout I get when playing MMO’s. It’s combat, combat, combat.

In WFRPG, combat is generally to be avoided unless you like perma-dirtnaps. It’s a sign you’ve done something wrong, as opposed to the meat of the game. Building a character, figuring out what you will do, using your skills to accomplish those ends are the focus of this game.

I think, if I could afford to, I’d put together the funds to purchase the old Everway set and all the cards. It was WotC’s first foray into a game other than magic; their first RPG. It’s rules consisted of a wheel of four stats, and all interactions with the world were governed by interpretative art (the DM doing the interpretation). I like stories, not stories on rails, but interactive stories (although sometimes you need rails to get the story from a to b).

And as we’ve been running through the D&D game, there’s more discussion about rules and what you can/can’t do and interpretation of those rules than there has of actually playing the game. To me, that’s not fun. I want to build worlds that exist in the minds’ eye that are like books you can’t put down. And you get to read/play weekly.

And so that’s why I’m excited for tonight.

A young boy has emerged from a battle in a smithy, where the mark of the twin-tailed comet was shown upon his chest. With a hammer, he smited a group of evildoers. In this war-torn land, such omens are not dismissed. A crusade was borne right there and then to take the Child to the seat of the emporer, to declare him Sigmar reborn. Sigmar, come to lead his people against the forces of Chaos.

Our story focuses on six criminals tasked with finding out the origins of this boy and the true meaning of the changes to the land. Will this sinister six help heal the land or condemn it?