$5 Friday Specials$5 Friday Specials

$5 Friday Specials

Friday, 27th June, 2014 02:17 PM

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Bundles of fantasy and post-apocalyptic adventure fun for a weekend of gaming!Now through Monday, June 30th, two new $5 Friday Specials bundles will be available from New Realms Publishing. Explore crypts and search for ancient treasure, but beware, the dead rest lightly in the Crypts and Tombs bundle. Want something more? Then journey into a post-apocalyptic world of monsters, mutants and magic with the Apocalyptic Adventure bundle. Buy a bundle or two of gaming products and have a blast this weekend with $5 Friday Specials from New Realms Publishing. And dont forget to buy copies of our newest releases, Across the Realms: Encyclopedia of Adventure #1 and Universal Adventures Custom Encounters II.

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