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13TH AGE Monthly Subscription

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Saturday, 17th January, 2015 01:46 PM

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13th Age Monthly is a monthly subscription spearheaded by designer Rob Heinsoo which will provide 13th Age material… monthly. The content will take the form of 4000+ word PDFs with rules, monsters, player options, and more. It’s not available yet, but more details will be coming very soon.People who backed the 13 True Ways Kickstarter will get the first month for free. While the price hasn’t been announced yet, Heinsoo says that it will be a similar model to Pelgrane Press’ Ken Writes About Stuff subscription, in which you can pick and choose individual articles at $2.95 or pay for a subscription at $24.95 (which includes an exclusive extra at the end of each year).More details as soon as I hear anything!Subscribe to The 13th Age Monthly and youll receive all-new 13th Age RPG goodness for GMs and players every month for a full year. These 4000+ word PDFs offer new rules systems, Bestiary-style monsters, player character options, and more.The 13th Age Monthly is overseen and developed by Rob Heinsoo, with a stellar list of contributors that includes Jonathan Tweet, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (Book of Loot, Eyes of the Stone Thief), ASH LAW (Tales of the 13th Age) and Cal Moore (Shadows of Eldolan).

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