More DUNGEONS DEEP MiniaturesMore DUNGEONS DEEP Miniatures

More DUNGEONS DEEP Miniatures

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Last week I previewed some of Paizo’s upcoming Dungeons Deep miniatures set, including one of the new dungeon dressing pieces. This week, I have three more – another dungeon dressing piece (the burning brazier), along with the dreaded Chupacabra, the legendary goat-sucker of South American cryptozoology and a gorgeous Gargantuan Red Dragon!There are six dungeon dressing pieces. “One in four Dungeons Deep booster packs will contain a dungeon dressing figure, which will replace a regular figure’s spot in that pack. That means customers can expect 2 pieces of dungeon dressing per brick, and 8 per case. As you can see, some dungeon dressing will not come on a standard base, to aid in the verisimilitude of the dungeon environments you create on your tabletop.”

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