Sean's Picks of the Week (0112-0116) – FATE, Savage Worlds, CoC, More!Sean's Picks of the Week (0112-0116) – FATE, Savage Worlds, CoC, More!

Sean's Picks of the Week (0112-0116) – FATE, Savage Worlds, CoC, More!

Greetings, Gaming Friends! Russ and I’ve been talking about a way to connect Sean’s Pick of the Day with what he’s got going on over here at EN World, and we’ve finally hit upon a weekly article by Yours Truly, recapping the Picks for you right here. Let’s dive in, shall we?Psychedemia (FATE)One of the greatest strengths of a system like Fate is how it allows you to flow from theme to theme fluidly, even with the same characters. The expression of all things in terms of their qualities offers some unique experiences in gaming, which Psychedemia exploits to the fullest.Genetically advanced students at a psionic academy discover a mental realm inhabited by friendly but alien thought-forms in this Fate world of adventure by Paul Stefko. These beings teach the children to access deeper powers, and together they explore virtual worlds within their minds. But when the academys faculty learn of the realm, they seek to take control through force. Can the students save their alien friends? Can they convince their elders to live in peace? Or must they find a way to seal the realm off and themselves from it?Psychedemia. Your mind is a battlefield.Dragon Brigade: The Affair of the Orb (Cortex)There are few names so closely identified with the confluence of gaming and fiction than Margaret Weis. Naturally, her own company is now producing excellent adventures from the fiction shes developed with Robert Krammes in their Dragon Brigade series. This ones called The Affair of the Orb.Follow the trail of an assassin in the swashbuckling fantasy world of Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes DRAGON BRIGADE!Based on the novella The Affair of the Orb by Chris Pierson, this self-contained adventure game book includes Cortex Plus rules system, characters, and a thrilling action mystery story for up to six players and one Game Master.Just add polyhedral dice and your own witty repartee.Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun (SW)Savage Worlds fans discovered a very complete cyberpunk experience with Interface Zero, and now they have the Empire of the Setting Sun to explore in this data-drive, chrome-filled world.In the Empire of the Setting Sun, honor is everythingor you are nothing. Welcome to the Japan of 2090, nakama. Youre being given access to a secure data cache that reveals what the country and its people have truly evolved into. Here, ronin isnt just a street nickname, but a dark legacy fraught with deadly peril and crushing burdens. From the highest Zen master to the lowliest yakuza thug, from bio-molded cities to ancestral cyberspace vistas, prepare to be plunged into an empire transformed by its unique cultural identity as much as the worlds rampaging technology.The End of the World: Zombie ApocalypseI was just telling someone the other day that I figured Fantasy Flight was going to stick to Star Wars and Warhammer 40K for its RPG offerings. Looks like I was seriously wrong, as The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse hit the virtual shelves yesterday. Yes, its another zombie game, but we all know FFG brings a high level of quality to whatever it does.Whats more, this is just the first in a The End of the World product line and we all know FFG tends to go big if theyre going at all, so theres probably all kinds of other catastrophic fun ahead.This roleplaying game offers you the chance to play as yourself during the tumult of the apocalypse, using an elegant, narrative ruleset. Zombie Apocalypse contains five unique scenarios, each offering a different take on the rise of the undead. Each scenario also contains an apocalypse and a post-apocalypse, allowing you to survive the initial panic and make your way in life after the worlds ending.Investigator Weapons, Volume 2 (BRP)If anyone ever manages to drag me back into a Call of Cthulhu game, it will be only because they allowed me to bring this book to the table and use it.Investigator Weapons 2 covers handguns, rifles and assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns and personal defense weapons, machine guns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, melee weapons, explosives, and special ammunition; and gathers together all the spot rules for injury, environmental conditions, and firearms combat in one place, as well as introducing many optional rules for enhanced play. It is particularly suited for settings using Chaosiums Cthulhu Now, Pagan Publishings Delta Green, and Cubicle 7s The Laundry.~~~OK, Friends, that will wrap up this week’s inaugural recap. Since we’re just getting started, your feedback on style and format will be greatly appreciated.Until next time – The Adventure Continues!~SPFPS – In case anyone’s wondering “Who is this guy, and why should I care what he thinks?” – check out this link.

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