Latest 3rd-Party Pathfinder ReleasesLatest 3rd-Party Pathfinder Releases

Latest 3rd-Party Pathfinder Releases

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Paizo often promotes notable new third party Pathfinder releases on their blog, and this is the latest such summary. Highlighting third-party products is one of the coolest things that Paizo does; it’s not something you’ll often see publishers doing, although it’s becoming more common lately with companies like Monte Cook Games and Pelgrane Press doing similar things.Starting off our round-up is “Quests of the Sands” from Jon Brazer Enterprises, seeking to give you new adventures for any desert-based game (and definitely great for your Mummy’s Mask campaign)! This PDF contains not one, but six short adventures designed to be played in one session, each featuring new monsters, traps, haunts, and also has full-color maps of each location!Along with new adventure material, Everyman Gaming has new Swashbuckler archetypes like the daredevil or vainglory, Interjection Games provides a musical interlude with Ultimate Composition, while Krewe of Harpocrates provides a place where everybody knows your name in Tavern! Enter the world of Abaddon with Obsidian Apocalypse: Player’s Guide from Louis Porter Jr. Design, or learn about the Assassins of Porphyra from Purple Duck Games, or add another demon cult to your game with Doomspeakers from Kobold Press!Also, recently released for Pathfinder is EN Publishing’s latest ZEITGEIST adventure, The Last Starry Sky. “The conspiracy known as the Obscurati prepares to assassinate the king of Risur and perform a grand ritual. Stars will fall from the heavens, and a new age will begin wherein all must obey. Only the party can avert this coming doomsday, but they are stranded across the looking glass.”

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