Gamma or gears?Gamma or gears?

Gamma or gears?

So, I know I haven’t posted very often, I hope to increase the frequency fairly soon, but i found this and laughed my brain out. (a fairly difficult task). As a preface, I really love two genres, post-apocolyptic, and steampunk. I hardly ever get the chance to play in either, so I tend to run one or the other. But when this comic was passed to me, I remembered all of the Gammaworld games I had played in, and how creative that system allows their folks to be. Good stuff.

This is a pic from Penny Arcade, ( I really hope this isn’t the first you have heard of the site, it is really amazing. More often than not, their comics are hilarious, and the blogs that follow them are pretty wicked sick. Anyway, I hope all is well in your worlds. Take care!