USB… More Than Meets The Eye!

ThinkGeek, in it’s general glorious marketing geekspeak has found a slew of out-of-work transformers after the recession and reception of Michael Bay’s last efforts in subtlety with his kind.

Transformers… Mass storage in Disguise!

One can nab the jaguar-inspired 2GB memory sticks or Grimlock as an optical mouse. Surprisingly, they have one of the bases as an evil optical mouse, but it’s all about the Grimlock, baby.

Me, Grimlock, assist you with market share analysis!

In other site-related news, when you look at an article now by clicking on it’s header (instead of reading it on the main page), you can now find a link down at the bottom of the article that says ‘share this on facebook.’ Technology! Ain’t it grand?

What are you lookin' at, fishface?

Personal Thoughts for the Day: My ST:O beta client has been downloading since 6pm last night, and is only 72% done. L-A-M-E. Also, as I continue progressing through Dragon’s Age, I must admit they may get a preorder of Mass Effect 2 for the PS-Triple out of me. I really want to see their RP system in space, and the first one got rave reviews. Now if they’d do a special Mass Effect 1&2 for PS3 only bundle, that would be money.

BioWare: Make it so. Or Sir Jean Luc Picard will have your head by order of the British Empire.

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