Morons: "The Jew Ken Levine Is Making A White-Person Killing Simulator"

Morons: "The Jew Ken Levine Is Making A White-Person Killing Simulator"The BioShock games have always had a weightier tone to them than just shooting things in the face. The first game was lightly basted in an Ayn Rand marinade, while the upcoming BioShock Infinite deals with some tricky issues like racism.

The developers are to be applauded for this, but at the same time, it leaves them open to attack from those lacking in the brain cell department. Like the cheery white supremacists at racist forum Stormfront, where someone summed the game up as “The Jew Ken Levine is making a white-person-killing simulator.”

Infinite director Levine speaks at length on the issue in an interview on PC Gamer, which you should definitely read. But that bonkers comment got me wondering, what else did the self-styled fascists have to say about the game?

Here are some of the “highlights”, from a thread titled “Upcoming video game “BioShock Infinite” with common, reoccuring, Hollywood theme: ‘kill racist whitey'”. A warning: some of this is pretty nasty stuff.

A ‘racist,’ ‘violent,’ ‘backward’ world…? Oy vey indeed. The previous “BioShock” games also had very strange, borderline-deranged (if not psychotic) themes with anti-White undertones. I remember in one of the previous parts, one had to kill little White girls as the player for ‘power-ups.’ The makers, “Irrational Games,” have at least one “Cohen” amongst their staff

I wish somebody would make a game about an ethnically pure jewish utopia whose inherent aggresion and hatred of all non-jews causes the inevitable extinction of all human beings, jews included. That would be more in line with reality.

Morons: "The Jew Ken Levine Is Making A White-Person Killing Simulator"

That really sucks that they made they theme of the game to destroy what is left of America. Instead it should have been killing an all-powerful federal government and racial non-white groups that bring nothing but violence and want ot end America and turn it into Africa or Mexico. And they worked so hard on that game, such a disappointment with the story line being 100% anti American and anti White.

So you go around blasting white patriots. I get it. They aren’t human, there is a “force” at work, the vox populi movement is not much better. The whole city is an evil death weapon. They promote eugenics, they hate foreigners, they love Washington, their utopia is a dystopia, due to… whatever. Essentially your still running around blasting white patriots.

I wonder how many sci-fi twists I would have to make, before I could create a game about some white midwestern townsfolk shooting hordes of samoli immigrants.

The anti nationalist sentiment is more than slightly obvious really. It looks like a jew trying to piddle on old small america.

Not surprised, the owner of Irrational Games (the company who made this) is Ken Levine, a Jew. He and his like minded clique come up with these ideas, then get their white programmers and 3D designers to make it beautiful and marketable. It is thanks to the white piss-ons that the game looks as beautiful, and has the fun playability that it does, it is thanks to Levine and the higherups that it has the propaganda that it does crowbarred into it. 99% of the people who actually make the games are white, all the designers, programmers, artist etc. But 99% of the company owners with the actual power are Jewish, such as Levine, Robert Kotick of Activision (the guys who make Grand Theft Auto) etc. Sadly the game industry is getting more and more taken over by the chosen. Anytime any small developer has any success, one of the big Jewish owned mega companies buys them out. Since games are distributed and advertised through much of the same pipelines as Hollywood movies, Jews have a temendous advantage in the industry, since as everyone knows they already control Hollywood. This means competition can be choked out, and their own games bolstered to success. Really makes me sick to watch it happen.

The next time you think a YouTube comments section is missing the point, remember, this is the internet. There’s always someone worse.

For more fun reading, check out a thread about complaints that there are too many white male protagonists in video games.

Interview: Ken Levine on American history, racism in BioShock Infinite: “I’ve always believed that gamers were underestimated.” [PC gamer]

Upcoming video game “BioShock Infinite” with common, reoccuring, Hollywood theme: ‘kill racist whitey’ [Stormfront]

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