Mockingbird Lane Puts the Emphasis on the Mocking

The Mockingbird Lane “TV movie” finally airs this Friday night. Creator Bryan Fuller has said that if enough people watch it, then NBC might actually give it another chance to go to series, although I don’t know that I believe him — I mean, Fuller kind of presupposes that NBC executives are rational, vaguely intelligent beings, which we all know isn’t the case. I mean, NBC hired Bryan Fuller to reboot The Munsters, and when he did it they were surprised at how “weird” the show was. These aren’t people who make good decisions. These are people who occasionally drown by staring up at the rain.Anyways, that’s neither here nor there, because this new clip gives a little nod to Herman Munsters’ original form, and I love it because somewhere, I just know some hardcore Munsters fan is screaming in pure rage at Mockingbird Lane’s wild deviation from the original, and this little visual gag is salt in the wound. Honestly, the thought of a hardcore Munsters fan makes me giggle by itself, but thinking about someone who may actually be losing sleep because Jerry O’Connell doesn’t look as Frankenstein-ish as the original Herman… well, that’s like a warm hug made of someone else’s misery. It’s delightful! (Via Blastr)

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