Here's the First Star Trek Into Darkness Trailers

Good morning! What better way to kick off a dull Thursday than with your first, long-awaited look at Star Trek Into Darkness? Here you go:This is full of epic epicness, including distraught looking characters, explosions aplenty, what appears to be the Enterprise crashing into the sea, more angst than the poetry section of a Morrissey fanzine, and, of course, Benedict Cumberbatch being suitably sinister. Make no mistake, it is eye-popping, attention-grabbing spectacle all the way through. That said, other than the fact that we know Cumberbatch is seeking revenge against Starfleet’s finest, there isn’t very much plot on display here. I’m weirdly okay with this though, as this teaser gives us a taste of the tone of the flick. As for the longer international version of this trailer, well, that makes things a bit more complicated. Hit the jump to see what I mean.

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