Update: This Is PlayStation 4's (Prototype) Controller

Important Update: A trusted source has told IGN that this controller is real. However, our source notes that it’s an early prototype. The controller, in other words, is likely to change between now and when the console launches.

Sony has responded to our inquiry to note that it “can’t comment on rumors or speculation”, its typical response. We’ll almost certainly find out what the final controller looks like at the PlayStation event in NYC on February 20.

The original story (with a further update) is below.

We finally have an actual picture of what the PlayStation 4 controller looks like, at least in prototype form (see the above “Important Update” for more on that). The picture comes by way of Destructoid, which posted the picture taken from an unknown source.

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Originally written and published by at IGN PS3. Click here to read the original story.
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