Sony Reveals Strange New PlayStation Teaser Ad

Back on Thursday, we showed you a brief PlayStation teaser video that Sony released with little explanation. The short ad — which spanned only 15 seconds — showed a woman at a desk with some PlayStation-themed items around her. At the end of the ad, someone walks in, electrical noises rage, and the woman looks up, seemingly disappointed.

This new ad, seen below, is similar in length, and similar in vagueness, too.

Like in the original video, called The Reload, this video — called The Arrival — has some interesting and tantalizing PlayStation-centric clues in it. The woman from the previous video is seen at her desk typing on a typewriter, but the typewriter’s keys are all strange symbols. The symbols have been identified by IGN reader StargamerX, who claims they’re the alphabet from Ratchet & Clank. Thus, the letter she’s typing reads:

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