Show Us The JRPGs You're Most Thankful For

Show Us The JRPGs You're Most Thankful ForAs I write this, turkey is trying to burst out of my stomach, the Jets are embarrassing themselves on national television, and I’m using Persona 4 to distract me from the pain of both. Thanksgiving is great.

So in the spirit of this wonderful, gluttonous holiday, let’s take some time to celebrate the genre of video games we love most of all: JRPGs.

For this week’s Random Encounters, I want to hear your stories. Which JRPGs are you most thankful for? What have been some of your best JRPG moments? In what ways have JRPGs changed, improved, or even worsened your life? Share your stories below.

Random Encounters is a weekly column dedicated to all things JRPG. It runs every Friday at 3pm ET.

Originally written and published by Jason Schreier at Kotaku. Click here to read the original story.
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