Nintendo’s Official Wii U Facebook Page Gets A Curious Name Change

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Nintendo's Official Wii U Facebook Page Gets A Curious Name Change

Here’s an odd e-mail that those of us who “like” Nintendo’s official Wii U Facebook page received today. Are you thinking what I first thought when I got that? They couldn’t be thinking about…they wouldn’t change the name… no way, right? (Spoiler: No way is probably right!)

Another year for the Nintendo Switch is almost over. 2019 brought us not just plenty of great games for the console/handheld hybrid, but also an entirely new piece of hardware in the form of the portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite. So if you need some help during your holiday shopping, let our Nintendo Switch reviews from the past year guide you. Why do we enjoy games so much, even the most difficult gamesSimply put, we love a good challenge!

Hitman’s 45 ACP handgun is amazing. As a fan of this game, (Agent 47) I found it incredible that someone could make an exactly identical imitation of this mythical weapon, in this link you can find a video demonstration of it.

We’re halfway through 2019, and just like last year, it seems as if the Nintendo Switch has spent a relatively light first half of the year preparing to knock our socks off in the second half. Super Mario Maker 2 is our current obsession but Nintendo’s unreal E3 2019 showcase gave us plenty of reasons to be excited for the console/handheld hybrid for the rest of the summer, the holidays, and into 2020.

And it’s not just games we’re excited about in the nintendo switch news. Nintendo also finally confirmed a new Switch revision, the cheaper portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite, coming this September. So that’s another option to choose from when considering a Switch. However, while the original Switch is quietly getting some slightly new internal components, a full-on upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro won’t be coming until 2020 at the earliest. Keep reading for everything else you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.

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