Neo’s Triple Tracks – 1 Jun 2013

OK TECHNICALLY it is already the second, but today kinda just got away from me.  So Triple Tracks is an experiment i am going to try where I post three songs a day for the month of June.  Sometimes there will be a theme, other times not so much.  I have no idea how well I will do at this and I will try not to repeat songs, but sometimes, it may just not be avoidable.  The theme for the inaugural post is music related to video games (I reserve to reuse this theme at any time 😉 ):

The first track is a bit different.  Puscifer’s The Humbling River was used in an ad for Fall of Cybertron and was included in the final release of the game if you sat at the starting screen long enough.  I really like this track, and it felt in place with the dire situation faced as Cybertron was abandoned.

Next we have my favorite character theme from my favorite Final Fantasy. Terra’s Theme is hauntingly beautiful, and I had to include both the original version, and my favorite version.

Lastly, and unfortunately similar to the previous, is my favorite character theme from my favorite classic RPG, Chrono Trigger: Frog’s Theme.

So what do you think of these tracks? What are some themes you would like to see explored for future posts? Drop a comment below and let me know!