NBA 2K13's Replay Cam Gets Rid of Its Own Red Ring of Death

NBA 2K13's Replay Cam Gets Rid of Its Own Red Ring of DeathFor as long as I have sought to illustrate posts with screengrabs from the NBA 2K series, I have despised its replay camera. Dedicated guys like MessenjahMatt can still produce virtuoso recreations of famous Air Jordan commercials using the game’s PC version, but for the rest of us shlubs on a console, getting a Sports Illustrated cover-quality shot of Blake Griffin water-poloing a dunk over Pau Gasol remains a distant dream.

Well, it gets a little more tolerable thanks to the latest patch. Because even if the camera controls, rotation and centering still drive me crazy, at least that @$&%#@ red circle under the highlighted player’s feet can finally be removed. Operation Sports pointed out the feature, noting that it is new to the series and arrived with the latest title update. Just press L1 and L2 simultaneously on your PS3 (LB and RB on your 360) and voila, no more red ring.

If it seems like this feature has been secretly in the game all along, it hasn’t been. I just tried this out with NBA 2K12 and an unpatched NBA 2K13 on the Xbox 360 and it wasn’t there. After pushing through the patch on 2K13 it became available.

How to Remove the Red Player Indicator Circle in NBA 2K13 Instant Replay [Operation Sports]

Originally written and published by Owen Good at Kotaku. Click here to read the original story.
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