Die Hard, Bay-Vision, Disappointing Trailer

Irish director John Moore tried being Richard Donner in his remake of The Omen, aped Frank Miller in Max Payne and now is apparently trying to be Michael Bay in the new Die Hard movie.

I could be wrong, but seems to me the appeal of Die Hard lay in the fact that John McClane got the shit beat out of him constantly, yet still kept coming back, not unlike Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, this new iteration is also imitating Indy in a different way – by introducing a charisma-vacuum of a son as franchise back-up in case the star ever decides to quit.

Maybe I’m being too hard on Jai Courtney. You tell me. Consider that they could have gone with Mary Elizabeth Winstead again instead (she’s back but only briefly).

Oh man, that last money shot where they look like digital dolls diving out of a slo-mo exploding helicopter, crashing through skyscraper floors…so NOT yippie-kai-yay.

Still, against all odds I didn’t hate the last sequel. Maybe Willis will carry it.

Steal taglines much?

A Good Day to Die Hard opens Valentine’s Day. If you take a date to it, you deserve the lack of action you’ll get that night.

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