Gotham 01×12 – What The Little Bird Told Him (SPOILERS)






Okay, I just gotta say that it was kind of weird that they brought back Gotham 2 weeks ago, only to have a repeat last week.  Why didn’t they just wait?

We are back with Jack Gruber, the escaped Arkham patient for last week.  He’s still with Aaron, the mental patient that he gave an electro-lobotomy to.  The police are having a briefing after we see Jack go to an electronics warehouse, and Jim shows up.  Nobody’s really happy to see him because A) he’s a security guard now, and B) the commissioner is coming, and isn’t going to be happy to see Gordon.

Gruber has kept some electric equipment at the warehouse, and uses it on the manager.  Gordon insists to the commish that he can find Gruber because he knows how Gruber thinks, but he wants to be reinstated as a Detective before he’ll do anything.  Ahhh, now you’re starting to act like you’re from Gotham, Gordon!  Also, he totally lied about knowing how Gruber thinks.  Oh, you’re even MORE Gotham now.

After the commercials, we have Falcone thinking about what must have been his father’s funeral, and then executing someone who worked under him.  He wants to visit with Liza (who we see in the flashback as Falcone’s mother).  He wants to offer Liza a way out, a life and a job, but she says she wants to stay with Falcone.  Of course she says that, since Fish would totally kill her if she decided to back out.

Yayyy, I’m always happy to see Edward Nygma.  He’s so cute and dorky.  He found that Jack Gruber never existed, and the real guy is Jack Bukinsky or Lupinsky or something like that.  He had his records changed, and he purposely wanted to get transfered to Arkham.  While this is going on, Nygma is trying to flirt with Miss Kringle, the file clerk, after giving the detectives their department issued galoshes because of their rubber soles.  He gave her a muffin with a bullet in it as a riddle, and she just calls it creepy and throws the napkin in his face (awwwww).

Gordon and Bullock (so happy to see them together again!) find the electronics warehouse and the one dead employee.  The other one has been brain-fried and is writing “I Will Not Betray My Friends” over and over like he’s Bart Simpson.

Liza gets kidnapped out in front of a deli, and her umbrella holder gets shot in the process.  Jesus, even holding an umbrella in Gotham deserves hazard pay!  Turns out that it’s Fish that kidnapped her, and makes a call to Falcone saying they have his girl.  The coup is on.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins shows up at the precinct and does a little flirting with Gordon while Bullock watches on curiously.  Turns out she has a voodoo doll with her from a ‘shaman’ in her wing at Arkham, and Gruber made one called Mr. M… who looks eerily like Maroni.  Turns out that Maroni and Gruber/Bukinsky were once partners, and Maroni must have screwed him over.  (REALLY???  Honestly, never do business with ANYONE in Gotham.  EVER.)  While at Maroni’s restaurant, Penguin gets a phone call that Falcone needs his help with Liza.  He says his mom’s sick, and goes to leave, but he gets electrocuted the same way the first dude in the show did – except he doesn’t die.  Then the guard that was outside stumbles in with some sort of sonic bomb.  While Gordon is questioning Maroni, he wants to put Maroni in protective custody.  Behind them, Penguin snaps awake and says that he has urgent business with Falcone.  Whoopsie.  He just can’t stop fucking up.

We take a brief interlude with Barbara.  She’s gone crawling back to her parents, who live in a big giant estate, and who have the biggest sticks up their asses.  She also lies about her and Gordon over the most awkward tea ever.

Penguin wakes up on a desk at the police station, and talks about his sick mother, and nobody’s buying his bullshit.  He can only stammer and just dig himself deeper.

On the Falcone side, Fish calls Falcone to work out a deal, and he sees right through her.  He says that she was the smart one.  Falcone agrees to leave with Liza.  Fish isn’t as happy as Butch is about the revelations.  Fish also doesn’t like that Liza cares about Falcone.  Falcone seems to have given up so easily… too easily.  Zsasz is with him, and he wants to start ripping people apart, but Falcone wonders if it’s really time to leave.  Victor insists that he could cut through Fish and her crew like paper, but Falcone says it’s his job to protect him and Liza.

Back to Edward’s dorky, unsuccessful attempts to woo Miss Kringle.  There’s a cop there to rescue her, and he overhears her saying how weird he is (awwwwww).  He also hears something in the walls, which turns out to be the ‘Electro-cutioner’ Gruber/Bukinsky.  He’s rigged up the whole department, and anyone who’s touching anything conductive is shocked into unconsciousness.

Galoshes to the rescue!!!!  Gordon’s still standing, but his gun is magneto-ed out of his hand, and he’s attacked by Aaron.  But in true Gordon fashion, he’s at his best when he’s all by himself with no backup.  And all it takes is throwing water on Gruber to end things.  Gruber’s just kind of like ‘well shit’, and he’s taken back into custody.  Gordon gets his shield back, and everything’s status quo at the cop shop.

Penguin finally gets back to Falcone and drops the Liza bomb.  Falcone slaps him because he doesn’t want to believe it.  Fish calls to get things done.  At Fish’s place, Falcone demands to see Liza, and then asks about the truth.  She tries to lie her way out of it, but he can see the truth now.  His men, including Zsasz, come in and put guns on Fish and Butch, and Falcone strangles Liza with his bare hands.  Fish is totally up shit’s creek now, and Penguin’s LOVING it.

So, after bringing by a doll for flirting, Dr. Thompkins just happens to go into the men’s locker room asking for the doll back, but probably actually hoping to catch Gordon in the shower.  They share a kiss, and then kiss again while Barbara is probably still having the most awkward tea ever with her parents.  He also gets cockblocked by a uniformed officer who tells him about the shoot-up at Fish’s.  Hmmm, this adds a wrench into the birth of Barbara Gordon, I’d say.