Gotham 01×18 – Everyone Has A Cobblepot (SPOILERS)




So, a bunch of little storylines happened this week – plus some horrid CG.  We’ll get to that later.  Firstly, Flass is back because Gotham is corrupt as fuck.  This time, the corruption comes from Commissioner Loeb’s office.  He has dirt on every police officer (except Gordon) because, as the title of the episode implies – Everyone Has A Cobblepot.  Flass got out because Bullock lied about the evidence because of his own Cobblepot.  He actually killed the guy that Falcone and Loeb wanted him to kill, instead of pulling a Gordon.  Bullock’s not alone, either.  Most of the GCPD is in the same boat.  Seriously?  Like, I totally am not surprised that all the cops have that in their past, but these are some REALLY unoriginal corrupt guys.  It’s the same thing over and over again.  Variety is the spice of a corrupt life, man!

So, Gordon being Gordon, he decides to clean things up.  Because that always works out so well for him when he tries it.  He decides to dig up the dirt – and turns to Oswald, because Oswald will turn on anyone.  So, they find out that Loeb is apparently hiding all his info on a farm.  There’s a nice old couple there that guards the place, and then tries to shoot up Bullock, Gordon, and Oswald.  Oswald of course sucks in this gunfight.  Gordon and Bullock do find a nice tidbit of information, though.  Loeb’s crazy-ass daughter, Miriam.  She killed her mother, and REALLY needs to be in Arkham, but Loeb decided to hide her instead.  So, Gordon plays the blackmail game, gets the info back about Bullock, and gets Loeb’s approval for police union president.  See, in Gotham it pays to blackmail and lie.  Except now he owes Oswald a favor.  That’s going to come bite him in the ass.

Speaking of Oswald, sometimes he’s so inept it’s comical (like at the farm – can’t even hold two old people hostage while he’s holding the shotgun… sheesh), and then he’s downright evil.  Like with said old people.  He tells them he was only able to get one train ticket out of Gotham to save their asses from Falcone, so the wife ends up killing the husband.  But he lied about the ticket because he only had one shell left, and blows the old woman away like it’s no big deal.

Bad CG time.  Fish wakes up with a new (and blue!) eye, thanks to Dr. Dulmacher (hey, Colm Feore!!!!)  She winds up getting into his good graces by playing both sides.  The good doctor is also nuts, and he shows her what happens to people who disappoint him.  Like his old office manager, who has been put onto a woman’s body.  The idea is horrible and devious and all kinds of delicious pervertedness, but the CG is so bad.  Also, he points out that they’re on an island in the middle of the ocean, so he chances of escape are pretty slim.

There’s also a little sidestory with Edward and Miss Kringle.  When just the two of them are together, you think you’re watching a show from the 50’s, but it turns out they’re both just hipsters.  He tells her about Flass being out (because she was dating him.  Why?  I have no clue).  She realizes that Flass was a dick, and has a better man in mind.  Edward of course thinks that it’s him, but it’s some other cop who gives Edward a really crappy riddle.  I don’t know if he’s more insulted about Miss Kringle stringing him along, or the cop and his riddles.  Either way, he’s pissed and takes it out on a bouquet of flowers.

We also see a little bit of Bruce at the hospital with Alfred.  They don’t tell Gordon about Reg, and Bruce realizes that it was because of him.  Selina winds up showing up and gives Bruce a hug (which he’s all YAY).  He wants to find Reg, but Selina thinks that it’s a bad idea.  Pretty much any idea that involves trying to be a good person in Gotham is a bad idea.  Just saying.