Square Enix Trolls Again With Project Code Z

imageSquare Enix once again trolls hopeful fans with a reincarnation of 1983’s game Spelunker that is to be released on the Playstation 4, many had hoped Project Code Z would be a new title.The news comes as a surprise since many hoped that it would be a Final Fantasy VII tease or even a new rpg title in the works. The reveal came during a livestream from the Tokaigi: Japan Game Party at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo. Lately Square Enix has been pulling all the right moves by releasing HD versions of Final Fantasy X and Type-0. The latest Square Enix news comes as a surprise since Spelunker was first released 32 years ago.

Spelunker is set in a colossal cave, with the player starting at the cave’s entrance at the top, and the objective is to get to the fabulous treasure at the bottom. To achieve this, the player must walk and jump through increasingly challenging parts of the cave, all the while working with a finite supply of fresh air, which could be replenished at various points.

Spelunker Z

Some of the hazards the player faces in the cave include water, uneven terrain, steam vents, small ledges, chasms, deadly pits, and large rocks that must be blown away. One of the few enemies are large bats, which drop deadly guano on the player. Additionally, a ghost haunts the cave, appearing randomly and attempting to take the player to the shadow world. By pressing the spacebar (B button for NES version), the player character sends a blast of air from his airtank (uses a Phantom Blaster in the NES version), pushing the ghost away. However, this renders the player’s character immobile for a couple of seconds, thus vulnerable to other dangers and further depleting their air supply.

To those hoping it would be some new Kingdom Hearts news took to twitter to express their displeasure with Square Enix. The game has been developed by Spelunker HD developoer Tozai Games, and will be released in Japan quite soon, on March 19th. It will be a free to play downloadable game supporting up to six players online. The game will feature character customization and the use of a wide variety of pets. The business model will of course involve the purchase of premium items.