Potential New Playstation All-Stars 2 Game Leaked (With 1000% more Final Fantasy)

Playstation All Stars may be getting a sequel called Playstation All-Stars: Round 2. Notice the cute little guy popping up on the top right in the image below? It’s called a Moogle, and belongs to the Final Fantasy franchise of games. Gawd please, give us Cloud, Strife and The rest of the FFVII and FFVIII gang, and not Lightning. If they try to force Lightning on me again, I’m fairly sure I can press charges, because I said “No!”. It’ll be like that Michael Douglas movie all over again.


One thing is for sure, we’ll get answers tomorrow during Sony’s live E3 press conference.

This was leaked via a twitter feed, and is accompanied by a still that shows PS4, PS3 and based on the offset of the two, should also be on the Vita.

It’s e3 time, baby!