One of Two New Let’s Play Series – Divinity: Original Sin – Raggedy Ann & Andy: Hardcore!

We are going to bring you not one, but TWO new let’s play series on Divinity: Original Sin.

This is a kickstarter-funded game that just released on PS4 with little/no fanfare or hype. Some of the big boys are covering it, but our Editor In Chief can’t say enough good things about this game.

Coming soon, Mark and John will be coop multiplaying the entire game as a chronological let’s play with a clever name coming soon.

THIS let’s play stream involves Mark running on Hardcore mode in the game. If your party gets wiped, your entire save file gets deleted. It’s pretty serious. So serious you can watch Mark wipe on the TUTORIAL BATTLE. Really. And then watch the viewers bet against him after he rerolls.

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