Gamersledge’s Monday Fall Lineup of Original Programming Content

Just because your favorite traditional television shows haven’t started, doesn’t mean there isn’t new content for you to enjoy out there! Did you miss our Monday night sweeps’ worth of content on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and have what you need to pass the time on your commute, downtime or active fun hour!

First up is Manic Monday with Quick Bytes from Twitch – where we showcase the games you didn’t know about, forgot about or didn’t even know existed! This week, we go new/old school ASCII art dungeon crawler Brut@l!

Then it becomes Mortal Kombat Mondays, where we chase away your case of the Mondays by executing them on YouTube Gaming:

Lastly, find yourself transported to the stars with My God, It’s Full of STARS! Mondays on Facebook Live, as we tackle the wondrous thing that is Star Citizen:

Tonight will be three more all-new shows! Join us on Twitch for Titanic (failure) Tuesdays, where we showcase the games that weren’t quite what they promised us. On YouTube Gaming, it’s Treble Tone Tuesday, where our rhythm games are your amusement. Join the chat and influence what we do! Lastly on Facebook Live it is Don’t Taze Me Bro Tuesdays! Can our editors survive the world of first person shooters? Find out starting at 8pm Pacific / 10pm Central and 11pm Eastern!

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