Gamersledge Videocast, Vol 3 Ep. 276 – Bizarro World WeekZ

Mark, Kate, Mitchel and Matt return to talk about gaming, TV and movies! We talk about what we’ve been playing, old and new. We take a look at all the quarterly/annual reports coming out of game companies. We give our take on the report that Microsoft has looked into acquiring EA to solve their exclusives issue. We also take a look at some news items that have been very divisive among the community and try to figure out who thought this Metropolis show was a good idea. Also Dragon Ball FighterZ is good and selling like hotcakes, but has an online play problem! It’s time for Gamersledge Podcast!

What have we been playing/watching?

The Return of Mark and Kate…what have they been up to!?

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Quarterly Reports! (Not ours :P)

Shadow of the Colossus!

More games!



It’s Gamersledge Podcast, GAME ON!

Audio version:Click Here

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