Gamersledge Tuesday Night Fall Lineup of Original Programming Content

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Tuesday means updates to the PlayStation Network, a day’s removal from Monday and of course, fresh, new shows for you to consume like the hungry, hungry video consumption machine you are!

First off, from Twitch, we have our show Titanic (failures) Tuesday, where we showcase games that were promised to be the deliverance, but delivered something…. completely different. This week, we play No Man’s Sky; talk about where it succeeds, where it fails and whether or not you should spend your hard earned cash on it.

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But lest you think this doth be Shakespeare, anon!
We have also assembled episode 1 of our new show from YouTube Gaming of Treble Tone Tuesdays – where we interact with the crowd and showcase expert vocal performance. Although I am convinced that our setup is not optimal, as I didn’t 100% the majority of songs, which I always do. Nonetheless, please to enjoy:

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What’s that, you say? Space and Music does not suit you, no sireee bob? No way no how? Instead, you want some good old-fashioned pew pew of the first person variety?

Well, we tried to hook you up with an hour of our show Don’t Taze Me Bro Tuesdays & Overwatch, but seeing as how hackers don’t want anyone to have fun, and a DDoS attack hit Blizzard’s servers exactly as we started streaming, you get some Last of Us multiplayer, topped off with a couple rounds of Overwatch, courtesy of Facebook Live:

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Adieu, mon cherries~