The Gamersledge Office Relocation is Complete

moving boxes

We still don’t have any furniture up in here, but the ‘stuff’ is here. We will be prepping over the next couple of weeks for permanent podcasting and production facilities, but it’s all coming along nicely.

There are a few notable, odd things:

First, I look up and see the mountains every time I look out the window. As someone from the Midwest, while I have visited the mountains, it’s pretty breathtaking to see them constantly.

Second, I think we had our first earthquake today. The whole place shook for a moment. It was there and then gone. It made me question whether I dreamt it, but several others confirmed the shaking.

Third, I think I have always lived in the wrong time zone. On the east coast and in the midwest, I would stay up very late and wake very late. Here, in the Pacific time zone, I wake up early in the morning and go to bed at a decent hour.

Lastly, it’s as expensive as they say it is, if not more. But every time I go into the city, it is electric. It’s a city — you see the dichotomy of rich, upper-class versus the homeless. There are good parts and there are bad parts. But it is hard not to walk down a street and not run into a recognizable name. Linden Labs, Ubisoft, Kabam!, IGN and GameSpot to name a few.

We are going to start getting back on track with podcasts and let’s plays — the schedule will still be a little ‘wonky’ (technical term) for a bit as we find our groove, but between new articles, podcasts and streaming, expect to find new content on the site daily.

We apologize for the interruption thus far; the journey has not been easy. Many unforeseen circumstances left us wanting to tear our hair out, but the end is in sight. We thank you for your continued reading and interaction with us, and encourage you to contact us if there is something in particular you want to see or hear about now that we are in the city — nay, mecca — of gaming.

Want to know about moving to the Bay Area? Ask us those questions, too. We are experts at this point!