Gamersledge Editorial: Five Upcoming PS4 Games We Are Looking Forward To


#5: Infamous: Second Son

In the year of colons instead of numbered sequels, this exciting PS4 exclusive will drop in just mere hours into consumers’ hands.  We can’t wait.  For Sony fans, this will be the first true ‘next gen’ game — many people have purchased the PS4 just for this game.  Will Delsin and Sucker Punch live up to the hype?  My guess is yes – everything we’ve seen from the game has been drop dead gorgeous, and I can’t wait to explore Seattle.  Just don’t expect to be able to jump off the Space Needle — that was a non-negotiable item in exchange for being able to use it in the game.

When we found out that there indeed was no multiplayer, cheers went up from the editors — Sucker Punch has devoted four years to this game.  No distractions, no splitting of the team — a unified, cohesive team creating a singular vision.  This game actually means quite a bit for Sony, and I think they will give it the push it deserves.

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