Classic Game Room – AMY review for PlayStation 3Classic Game Room – AMY review for PlayStation 3

Classic Game Room – AMY review for PlayStation 3

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Amy review for PS3. Classic Game Room reviews AMY, a survival horror game where you protect a girl named AMY. VectorCell on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. Amy is also available for the Xbox 360 and PC. Amy is a survival horror game in which disappointment is the greatest obstacle to survive. It tells the story of Amy, an autistic girl with strange abilities. Playing as her caretaker Lana, you’re riding on a train with Amy when there’s suddenly a massive explosion. You regain consciousness to find a ravaged world where survivors are relegated to the shadows, mumbling about the end of days. The story is like a George A. Romero interpretation of Rain Man. Amy is the key to Lana’s survival, and when you’re separated, Lana experiences firsthand the horrific effects of the infection that’s destroying the world. She starts to hear voices, she is haunted by visions…and if she doesn’t get back to Amy in time, she dies. This video review features video gameplay footage of Amy for the PlayStation 3.

Originally written and published by inecomcompany at CGR – PS3 reviews (2012 recorded). Click here to read the original story.