Gotham 01×11 – Lovecraft (SPOILERS)






So, the shit hits the fan as far as Selina being safely hidden goes.  She’s helping Bruce out with his ‘homework’, but then a bunch of assassins come into the house trying to kill her.  Looks like Harvey Dent totally fucking dropped the ball by keeping her secret.  So, she and Bruce escape Wayne Manor while Alfred’s kicking ass.  He gets shot, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to protect Bruce.  But, now Bruce and Selina are in Gotham on the run.  They go to a ‘mall’ for street kids after Selina tries to ditch him (and he totally does his first roof jump), and meet up with Ivy.  Remember this misnamed gal?  She was Mario Pepper’s daughter, and now she’s on the streets because her mother slit her wrists.  I REALLY hope that this is some sort of red herring, because this misnaming and fucked up backstory is the WORST of the character shoehorning.  She’s actually the only one that REALLY bugs me in that sense.  The other characters have actually been decent after the glut of introduction, but this is the worst.  And her behavior, all twitchy and fast-talking, isn’t really Poison Ivy.  It would be more Harley Quinn.  I just don’t like this inclusion of a character.

Gordon is pissed at Dent for leaking the info (duh), and they go and find Lovecraft, since they’re certain he’s the one that put out the hit.  Gordon goes to a penthouse in the name of one of his mistresses, and he’s there and terrified, saying that the same people who are after the witness are after him because he’s a small cog in the giant machine that is Gotham corruption.  And then the assassins show up.  The female knocks Gordon out, and when he comes to, Lovecraft is dead in the bathtub with a gunshot wound in his forehead.  From Gordon’s gun.  Whoopsie-daisy.

On the HMS Falcone Mutiny, they have a dinner that’s so out of Kill Bill that I was expecting Falcone to yell at the table for bringing up his Chinese-American heritage.  One dude, who’d been in charge of guarding the armory, is dead in his soup, and the others just have to eat around him.  Fish doesn’t seem particularly worried, but she doesn’t know that things with Falcone and Oswald are kind of on the outs, and that Penguin is just waiting for things to implode.  Oswald’s brought into Falcone with a bag over his head (that’s kind of a look for him, like his second costume), and Falcone’s pissed because he thinks Maroni did the hit at the armory, and wants to know why he wasn’t warned.  Oswald doesn’t tip his hand about Liza, though.  He’s just waiting for the chips to fall.

Alfred and Bullock find out that Selina knows this fence called Clyde, and that all fences are under Fish’s control, so they go to visit her.  Alfred not only gets the one-up on Butch, but he totally flirts his way into Fish’s good graces, and she makes some phone calls to find out about Clyde the Fence.  Bullock’s impressed.  Flirting isn’t really his strong suit.  So, they find out where Clyde is, and go to rescue Selina and Bruce.

Turns out that Clyde’s the one that outed Selina, though.  He has her and Bruce (who looks cute in his ‘street gear’), and locks them up for the assassins to kill him.  That’s damn cold – leaving kids locked in a room for assassins to come and blow them away.  But, these aren’t your average children, and Bruce and Selina use their smarts to hide and separate the assassins.  The cops also show up, along with a guns a blazin’ Alfred.  Harvey is pissed that nobody ever waits for backup, LOL.

Selina manages to escape, and Alfred and Bruce are reunited.  My heart grew three sizes the moment that Bruce and Alfred hugged.  Awwwwww.

So, remember that Dick Lovecraft got shot in the head with Gordon’s gun?  Yeah, that’s going to come bite him in the ass, since the mayor hates him.  So, he wants Gordon out of the police force, but Gordon won’t just quit, so he has to take the demotion of becoming a security guard at Arkham Asylum.  God, that building is so cool.  It might actually be a better workplace than the GCPD, because at least everyone in Arkham knows that everything is fucked.