Face Off 07×13 – Beautiful Disaster (SPOILERS)




We’re down to the final five, so that means that a good artist is going to go home today, possibly on a good makeup depending on how things go.  At the house, George talks about how much it sucked to be the in bottom again, and Dina says that the person who got her into makeup was Anthony Kozar, who won Season 4.  Awesome!  (He was also in the Judge Match episode on Team Neville)

We start by going to the Universal Studios backlot, and nobody has a clue what they’re doing.  They’re thinking post-apocalyptic, but it turns out to be something quite different.  Turns out that they have to create a beautiful faerie that was born from a natural disaster.  Dina’s really the only person who looks excited, to be honest.  Cig looks TERRIFIED.  He’s never done a beauty makeup before (really?!).  George also isn’t digging this because he’s never really made a pretty character, either.  I seriously don’t get why the guys are always so scared of beauty makeup.  It happens EVERY season where pretty much all the guys are like “oh shit, I CAN’T APPLY MAKEUP.”  Even though they do it all the time.  I think that knowing at least basic beauty makeup skills should be as compulsory as knowing how to do blood.

Anyway, as I come down from my soapbox, the five of them scramble around this crashed plane set and find images of natural disasters.  Dina gets Flood, Cig gets Avalanche, Stella gets Wildfire, George gets Earthquake, and Drew takes Oil Spill.

When they get back to the lab, they all get into the clay.  George is still feeling WAY out of his element, but Cig’s starting to really dig his idea of an ice faerie.  McKenzie and Mr. Westmore show up for help, and father and daughter wind up taking selfies with all the contestants.  Mr. Westmore is no longer a selfie virgin.  They dig where Cig’s is going, and Mr. Westmore points out that as long as you know how to shade, you can do a beauty makeup (YOU CAN???! /sarcasm).  Mr. Westmore warns Stella to stay away from blacks in her fire makeup.  When they come to George, there’s quite a bit of concern.  He wants to do cracking, like his faerie has come up from within the earth to fix the damage done by earthquakes, but they’re concerned it will look like gore with the red in there, so they advice him to remove the chest piece, and give him all kinds of other advice that he’s very eager for on making the face a little pointier to make it more faerie, and stuff like that.  George is very grateful since he’s really far out of his wheelhouse, and he doesn’t have the same confidence in his design as Cig does. (Who is also out of his wheelhouse)

After the commercials, George mentions that he’s changing his whole idea to add green in the cracks to give it more of a rebirth vibe.  He also took a picture of Mr. Westmore smiling with his big round cheeks, and is going to use that as a reference.  We also get some experimenting with Drew trying to create crude oil.  He wants the body of his faerie to be dripping with oil, so he’s going into chemist mode, and he creates something that actually really does look like crude oil, and starts painting it on a mannequin with the idea that he can just peel it off and apply it to his model, but nixes that idea because he worries about it being really messy and uncomfortable for his model.  He decides to do it on a dress instead, to make it look oil spill couture. (he comes up with the dress on application day)

Stella is having mold issues.  Because she’s doing fire for her face and cowl, there are a lot of points and bends in her molds, and the ends of the flames all broke off, so she’s got to re-bake the face, and she’s terrified about the cowl mold having the same problems.  She can’t get the points of the flames out with her hands and tools, so she has to use the power washer, but that makes her mold wet, which was the problem in the first place with her face.  A wet mold get steam pockets and other issues.  So she’s pretty terrified to see what the cowl will look like.

Cig is making his wings from vacuum-form plastic, and he’s still really digging his idea.  Drew also gets on the wing train and makes dragonfly-like wings and uses peacock feathers too, creating an interesting wing.  George makes his wings from giant banana leaves and foam noodles that he textures to look like bark.

Day 2 is also Dina’s day of experimentation.  She needs to make mud for her faerie, since floods are very muddy.  She winds up using a chocolate syrup mixture that looks pretty great.  She’s in a good place going into Application Day.  Stella’s in the worst place.

And, Stella stays in a bad place on Application Day.  Her fear was realized – her cowl is shredded.  She has to spend a bunch of time patching all the tips of the flames because they broke off.  George is still worried about his makeup since he’s never done anything like this before.  Stella is WAY far behind on her paint because of all the patching she had to do.  I’m worried for her.

Just before last looks, George notices a wrinkle in the silicone at the edge of Megan’s mouth.  Now he doesn’t know what to do.  In Last Looks, Megan suggests making it a crack.  That’s the best, when you have a model that knows about makeup, and about the issues that can come up with makeup application.  Drew is also having problems with the edge of his face.  He cut the face piece off in the middle of her cheeks, and that’s a giant error because then you’ve got giant edges in the huge focal point of the face.  At least Drew is aware of that, though.  Stella’s still having paint issues, and she’s really running out of time.

Here are the final looks:

Stella’s Wildfire Faerie:

The paint is pretty, and I dig the ‘pastel fire’ aspect, but it’s rough because she just didn’t have enough time, particularly on the cheeks where there’s an edge.  I like it more than the judges do.


Dina’s Flood Faerie:

So pretty!  Dina is awesome at doing pretty makeups.  She managed to create a muddy character without the paint going all to, well… mud.  The bright blues really punch it up, and I like the drippy foliage wings.  This is actually my fave of the week.


George’s Earthquake Faerie:

I liked this one more and more the more I looked at it.  At first, I didn’t know what to think about it and was honestly just meh, but the pointy face really grew on me, and I like the shoulder a lot.  For being out of his wheelhouse,, he did create something very pretty.


Drew’s Oil Spill Faerie:

I loved this one a lot more in the concept art.  There should have been more black on the dress (the whole bottom should have been black), and there should have been more oil to break up the neckline of it.  Also, there should have been some darkness at the tips of the ‘rocks’ on her face to blend it more into her hair, and more darkness around the eyes, as Lois points out.  This one could have been the best thing EVER, and the elements are all there, but just not put together in the best way.  Also, the cheek edges are very noticeable.


Cig’s Avalanche Faerie:

Pretty!  I always like ice makeups.  The chest piece is just FANTASTIC, and the wings are multi-layered vacuum form plastic, so they have that depth and translucency that ice has, and that is difficult to replicate.  This is a very strong and beautiful makeup from someone who’s never done a beauty makeup before.  See?  It wasn’t so hard.

The top looks are Cig, Dina and George.  Personally I like Dina’s best, but I picked Cig to win since the judges were really fawning over it.  And he does win.  When he mentions that it’s his first individual win, I’m surprised.  But yeah, I guess it’s true!  I totally thought he’d won more challenges since he’s always in the top.

The bottom looks are Drew and Stella.  I didn’t dislike Stella’s as much as the judges, and even though I do like Drew, I was hoping for him to go home, since I really like Stella’s work and she’s had some AMAZING makeups.  But, Stella is going home.  I will miss her.