Face Off 07×11 – Teachers’ Pets (SPOILERS)




We start off with conversation at the house.  Drew’s upset about being in the bottom, and Sasha’s worried because she’s been in the bottom just as much as she’s been in the top.  They both hope that they can prove themselves this challenge.

They’re all sent to high school, and are properly horrified.  Artistic people rarely like high school.  I liked the school part of high school, but I was definitely NOT popular.  McKenzie tells them that their challenge is to take a mythical creature, and turn it into a high school ‘clique’, like Jock, Nerd, etc.  Inside each locker labeled with a fabled creature is the clique they belong to.

Sasha goes first, and chooses Cyclops Cheerleader.  Dina gets Goblin Nerd.  George gets Goblin Jock.  Drew chooses Emo Faun.  Rachel gets Faun Cheerleader.  Stella gets Emo Minotaur, and Cig rounds it out with a Minotaur Nerd.  Dina was in choir in school, and decides to go for a band geek.  Drew is drawing from his experience as a teacher at the Tom Savini school by going for the emo look that most of his students fall into.  Rachel is having a difficult time with the cheerleader look, and finds it very one dimensional.  George is also having the same issues with feeling the jock is one-dimensional.  Stella decides to make a female Minotaur, so she goes more cow than bull, which is smart.  Sasha is just kind of going off into outer space with her cyclops, who has SEVERAL eyes.  WTF?  Cyclops are known for one eye!  You’re already in deep shit, dear.  Drew is trying to make his look as much like Glenn as possible, LOL.

In Day 2, we have some clowning around with Dina and George talking about their characters being brother and sister.  Meg and Doug Oblin.  George is picturing his guy being really dumb and just saying his own name all the time.  So, he’s essentially the Matt Damon puppet from Team America.  Rachel wants to add the jointed look of a goat’s leg to her model’s leg, so she’s focused on that.

Everyone is molding, except for Stella.  She’s super far behind, and it shows all the other happy contestants pulling out their molds, and hers is still damp.  She’s really worried about it not drying fast enough for her to be able to use it for foam latex, and she really doesn’t want to go down the poly-foam road.  So, she’s down to the last 10 minutes after letting it bake in the sun, and she’s sweating buckets.  Except… that it’s okay!  It’s actually better than okay!

George also decides to go with a mullet for the hair.  Excellent choice.

Application Day!  Stella’s got huge problems with steam pockets, which happen when the mold is damp (since it didn’t get to dry all the way).  So, she’s got to spend a bunch of time patching that.  As George is putting his stuff on his model, it’s looking REALLY blocky.  I mean, that was kind of the point, but it almost looks like he sculpted the thing with a shovel.

Dina’s is so adorable!  It’s got giant-ass ears and a big nose, and this nerd-fro wig and huge glasses.  So far, it’s my fave.  Drew’s is looking good, and George knows he’s gone down the wrong path.  He pretty much knows he’s in shit, unless someone else sucks, too.  In Last Looks, Rachel is in trouble because the horns she made are too heavy, and she has to lose them.  That puts her in a tough spot, because the horns really screamed Faun.  George also has paint issues, as well as all kinds of other issues.  It’s really not looking good.

Okay, here are the final looks:

Drew’s Emo Faun:

omg, it’s totally Marilyn Manson!!!!  Like, seriously.  Marilyn Manson has a very horse-like face, so this really, really does look like him.  Very well done, and the actor is totally into it.


Cig’s Nerd Minotaur:

The atomic wedgie that’s stuck over his horns is a very nice touch.  As are the broken capillaries in the nose, and the boogers hanging out.


Sasha’s Cheerleader Cyclops:

Wait… what?  I thought she was going to get rid of the extra eyes like Mr. Westmore told her to!  So, it’s totally not a Cyclops, and looks like an alien.  She’s rightfully embarrassed.


Dina’s Nerd Goblin:

So funny!  It’s like a caricature or a cartoon, but it works.  She’s super nerdy!


George’s Jock Goblin:

Oh, hello Missing Link.  It’s like Cromagnon Goblin up in here.  It’s just a mess.


Rachel’s Cheerleader Faun:


Major bummer!  I really liked the drawing of this one, and thought it was really cute, but it looks nothing like a faun without the horns.  Even the ears are hidden by the hair, and the face is rough.


Stella’s Emo Minotaur:


I dig this one.  I love that she made the cow a Holstein.  It’s a very different take on a Minotaur, since they’re always depicted as male.  The nose is SO cow-like.  Moo!

Okay, so my faves to go to the top 3 were Dina, Drew, and Cig or Stella, and I thought for sure that Sasha would be in the bottom, but Dina and Sasha, along with Stella are actually SAFE.  Sasha could be bowled over with a feather she’s so surprised.  I’m disappointed Dina’s isn’t in the top because I really liked it.  Cig and Drew are the top looks, while Rachel and George are the bottom looks.  No surprise there for the bottom two.

I picked Drew to win, and he does!  He’s very relieved after what happened last week, where he almost went home.  I thought for SURE that George would be going home, but it’s Rachel.  George has had two shitty makeups in a row, so he’s really got to step up his game for whatever awaits them next week.