A Week’s Worth of Original Programming. Plus a Bonus!

Our programming schedule of original content, let me show you it!

We appreciate every view and like.  Let us know what you’d like to see in any of our episodes!  First off, it’s the

Monday Madness!

Manic Mondays with Quick Bytes are up first; this week we look at accurate digital recreations of Pinball games in The Pinball Arcade!
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Then watch the trash talking commence as Mark laughs by beating a 10-hit combo master with sweeps and uppercuts. “Winning with sweeps and uppercuts isn’t impressive, bro!” Uh — yes it is. Basics beat flash, every. single. time.

Lastly, to finish out the Monday Block of original programming, check out My God, It’s Full of STARS! Mondays, where we warp to maximum fun in Star Trek Online:

Toothy Tuesday is up next!

On Titanic (failure) Tuesday, we check in to see if the patches to No Man’s Sky has dramatically changed the experience!
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After that, Mark and Turo take on all songs considered in Treble Tone Tuesday with Rock Band!

After sinking your teeth into all that meaty goodness, there’s still another layer to canine through; it’s Don’t Taze Me, Bro! Tuesdays! With 100% more overwatch!

Wrap Up Wednesdays

Our weekly podcast covering news, reviews, analysis and opinion designed to help you spend your money wisely? Yes, please! This week, we discussed Sony’s No Good, Very Bad Week.

Thrilling Thursdays

top the charts!
Lexi was under the weather this week, so no Threads Thursdays.
Mark was out of alcohol, no one was around to play games with him, so for Thursty Thursdays, he was Thursty alone and ended up doing a Star Trek Online: 101

Fridizzle, my Nizzles!

Snoop Dogg’s slang helps us round out the week with SuperFriends Fridays!
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Then it’s Frightful Fridays, in which Mark gets fired from his own show!

Lastly, it’s Fun w/Friends Fridays with Drawful!

But wait, there’s more….

If you act now, you can see Turo’s Pilot for an all new show – Turo Clashes with the Internet!

We want to bring you fantastic, original programming that you will love to watch live and archived.
Let us know how you’re doing.

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https://discord.gg/cmA4rFh lets you join in your web browser – you don’t even need to download anything (although you can if you want to. Pop by and say hi!

Until next week’s recap, Game ON!