There's An E3 Presser For People Sick Of E3 Pressers

Kotaku brings us news:

Last year’s E3 was in many ways a lowpoint for the annual industry showcase, tepid press conferences dominated as much by…ill-advised crowd reaction as they were by an endless parade of games all seeming to promote the same ol’ mindless violence.

That’s led this year to the establishment of HORIZON, an alternative E3 press conference that’s the result of a collaboration between LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art and indie games site Venus Patrol.

It’ll be held on the last day of E3 at the MOCA’s main site, which incidentally isn’t too far away from the LA Convention Centre, where E3 is held.

“The genesis of HORIZON came as Cory Schmitz (who is, of course, behind the fantastic HORIZON design) & I sat at home streaming last year’s string of E3 press conferences and instantly decided to ‘light a candle, rather than curse the darkness,'” Venus Patrol’s Brandon Boyer says. “[W]e think we’re putting together something very exciting, which we hope will stand out and become a new E3 tradition.”

Yeah, you could see it as a bit much, a bit look-at-me; Sony’s conferences in recent years have given a lot of time for not just arty indie titles, but kids games as well, so it’s not like every press conference has been 100% blockbuster bloodbaths.

That said, the event will be there as a central showcase for a lot of exciting indie talent that may otherwise have been lost in the storm that is E3, so it’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye on regardless.

HORIZON emerges as a counter-E3 press conference, showcase [Indie Games]

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