Gotham 01×13 – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon (SPOILERS)





Last week, Fish’s plans went all to shit.  Today, she’s in even more shit.  She’s taken to a mystery location (Gotham probably has more mystery warehouses than it does apartments).  Fish meets ‘Bob’.  Whenever you meet someone who’s snapping on the latex gloves while you’re held against your will, things are going to get messy.  He wants to extract an ‘apology’ from Fish, but she’s ornery about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock get a case of a dead drug dealer.  Gordon finds some packets hidden in the heel of the victim’s shoes.  A witness steps forward, and… is totally killed for trying to do the right thing.  He goes to the precinct to work with a sketch artists, and gets stabbed in the back of the neck with an icepick.  Turns out it’s a unique icepick, according to Edward, and it’s the same murder weapon that killed the victim in the morning.  Ah, an inside job.  Is there any other kind in this town?

Butch is also taken to a separate mystery warehouse (see, what did I tell you?) in the ugliest van ever, but he escapes and wants to know where Fish is.

Back at the station, Gordon thinks that the killer is a cop, but Bullock and the Chief are like “Whoa there, dumbass… you can’t just go pointing fingers at cops.  IN GOTHAM.”  He agrees to be careful.

Oh yeah, Bruce and Alfred are on this show, too.  We haven’t seen them for a while.  They’re driving around looking for Selina.  They wind up bumping into Ivy, but she won’t pass on a message without getting a bribe.  They learn young in this town.  And I love how Alfred says that she looks like she’s got the ‘mange’.  Oh you Brits.

Bob tries putting Fish’s head in a plastic bag, but she digs on that.  He then decides to go for her knee, but gets beaten to death in the down swing.  When she’s rescued, she doesn’t look nearly as self-satisfied as she was pretending with ‘Bob’.

Gordon tries to ask questions about the missing pages from the log book, but the cops are putting up the wall of silence.  So, he starts pitting the cops against each other, and gets the name of an office Delaware.  Turns out in the spare tire in his trunk are more of those packets, like he found in the heel of the dead guy’s shoe.  Also, the cop looks like the scummiest dirty cop that you could EVER find in an extras book.  But Flass (or whatever his name is) says that it’s all part of an undercover operation, and puts the kibosh on Gordon investigating the whole death.  Afterwards, Bullock tells Gordon that Flass and his men started busting drug dealers a few years back so they could take over their stash houses, and that he’s super protected  (SO not surprised.  I would have been more surprised if he were an upstanding citizen).  When they go to one of the stash houses, Scummy McScumbag Delaware is there, and he’s got a warrant to search his own stash house.  Hey, he looks like he doesn’t bathe, but he’s got some criminal skills.

We take an interlude into the ‘how NOT to date women’ world of Edward Nygma, he visits Miss Kringle again, and she’s less than enthused to see him.  He gives her a greeting card, and promises that it doesn’t say ‘anything weird’ in it.  That means that it’s got something totally weird in it.  I’d still accept it from him, though.  I only seem to like guys when they’re somehow irrevocably damaged, or physically malformed (I call that my ‘Voldemort’ category).  Flass and his goobers get a hold of the greeting card, and humiliates Edward by reading it out loud.  I’m sure they’ll regret that in the future when he becomes The Riddler (if they’re still alive).  Later, he’s ‘surgically removing’ the onions from his take-out, and Miss Kringle comes to apologize.  But she runs away as fast as she can before he can ask her out.

Penguin shows off his club to his mother, but with Fish out there with Butch, wanting nothing more than to kill him, he may be celebrating a little early.  And what about Maroni?  I’m sure he’s not really happy about this whole thing… But Gordon comes to Penguin after the witness’s death is ruled a suicide by Internal Affairs (only in Gotham is an icepick to the back of the neck a suicide).  He wants to find out about Flass (and Maroni knows the drug trade, so I guess him and Penguin are still on good terms…?)  When his drunken mother leaves, he decides to get wasted himself, but Fish shows up with a baseball bat.  He really should read this page, because I just told him earlier in this paragraph that he was celebrating too early – and now he’s drunk, too.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is playing chess with himself, and Selina wonders what kind of weirdo does that.  The kind of weirdo that has deep psychological issues and dresses up like a bat, that’s who.  Apparently they were in Switzerland, and that’s why he hasn’t been around.  He gives her a snow globe.  He wants Selina to stay at the manor, and wants her to help find his parents’ murderer.  Selina then TOTALLY stomps on his heart (won’t be the first time in their lifetimes) and says that they’re not friends, and that she lied about seeing who killed Bruce’s parents so she could stay out of juvie.  Later, he’s crying in front of the fireplace where he smashed the snow globe, and Alfred is a total dick about it, saying that he should just get a broom instead of crying over his ‘young dreams’.  God, no wonder Batman turned out the way he did.

Ahhhh, so Scummy McScumbag DOES have a bathtub.  Just gets used for nearly drowning his gal to get info rather than bathing himself.  He squeals about Flass’s operation to Penguin’s dude.  Penguin’s guy then brings the taped confession and the icepick to Gordon’s desk so he can arrest Flass.

Back at Fish’s club, she’s making Penguin kiss her boots, and he points out that he may have been a cowardly umbrella holder, but he outfoxed her at every turn, because she never saw he was working with Falcone.  It’s totally true, but that’s kind of a ballsy move when you’re kneeling in front of an angry woman with a baseball bat.  But he’s saved by Zsasz!  I’m sure that’s one of the few times THAT sentence can ever be said.  If it weren’t for Edward, Zsasz would be my fave dude on the show.  I dig the no eyebrows and the sociopathic sadism.  One of his girls gets killed by Butch in a gun fight, and he gets Fish out a window, but stays behind to slow them down.  Butch’s devotion to her is actually pretty touching.  Too bad it gets him right into Zsasz’s clutches.  I’m sure being taken home to be played with is a much worse fate than just being shot.

Gordon goes up to Flass and says he’s under arrest.  Flass is like ‘fuck you bitch’, but then Gordon gets on a soapbox about how dirty the cops are, and how they’re protecting a drug dealer and a murderer who doesn’t deserve the badge.  The cops start to flank him, and he arrests Flass.  Scummy Delaware comes to him afterwards and begs that everything is now even, and that his wife and kids don’t get involved in this whole thing again.  He’s begging at Gordon’s feet like how Penguin was begging at Gordon’s feet earlier.

Fish still has a friend besides Butch, and it’s Bullock.  He drives her to the port, and tells her she should stay away for a while.  He also promises to keep an eye out for Butch for her.  She says she will leave down for a while, but that she WILL be back to kill Penguin.