Gamersledge Doctor Who Mid-Week Review: Time Heist

Gamersledge Doctor Who Mid-Week Review

Clara getting ready for a date

Clara getting ready for a date

Welcome one and all to another Doctor Who Mid-Week Review here on Gamersledge. This week we get the fifth episode of Series 8, Time Heist. NeoSapian here and is tradition we will have some non-spoilery fun up front here, with some gooey spoiler filled tidbits at the end. Don’t worry though, they are cleverly hidden until you choose to hit the button, so proceed fearlessly into the time vortex!

Nothing bad ever happened when you answered a phone right?

Nothing bad ever happened when you answered a phone right?

We are again treated to the problems with having a companion who is trying to live a normalish life while still tied to the Doctor’s wily whims. The Doctor shows up with all kinds of ideas on where they could go, but Clara has other plans and will not be swayed….until the phone rings. Not her phone, the TARDIS’s phone. Which obviously can’t just be a phone, and STILL isn’t routed through the main console…IT WAS HANDLE’S DYING STATEMENT FOR PETE’S SAKE!!! Sorry about that folks. Anyway after saying that nothing ever happened from answering a phone, he answers and something happens!

Psi -  Augmented Human

Psi – Augmented Human

Overall the episode is much better than the last couple efforts. The script seems better written, and that may have something to do with Moffet taking second billing. The sets and visuals were great. The scenario is one where Capaldi’s take on The Doctor excels and takes charge. Clara’s character is a little less bossy and more supportive of The Doctor which makes for a better dynamic here. The pacing is also much better here. The editing for the commercial breaks seemed clumsy, but overall it is a well structured episode.

Overall I give this episode 8.5 out of 10 memory worms. Not the best episode ever, but a very good offering. Next Episode, the Return of John Smith! what?

Memory…um what?

Spoilers sweetie!

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