Don't Look Now, But People Are Talking About Mother/Earthbound Remakes/Re-Releases

Don't Look Now, But People Are Talking About Mother/Earthbound Remakes/Re-ReleasesNothing shows Nintendo hates you more than the fact only one of the three games in the Mother series has ever been officially released in North America (while poor PAL territories haven’t seen any of them.).

So tread very carefully around this talk from series creator Shigesato Itoi, who has taken to Twitter to say (translation courtesy of Earthbound Central):

Since it’s now okay to blurt this out, here goes: the “MOTHER republication” thing I mentioned briefly before is making progress.

Which he then followed up with:

It’s not “(MOTHER) 4″, though! This has to do with making “MOTHER” playable. I can’t give out any details just yet, but I do at least need to say that it isn’t 4.

Which makes it sound like he’s talking about some kind of re-release deal, maybe even a remake. For just the first game in the series or the whole series, it’s hard to tell. It doesn’t matter; his surprisingly positive and open remarks have fans hoping for all of the above.

So help me, if this is all three games bundled and released on the 3DS, this is a good day.

Itoi Announces MOTHER Developments [Earthbound Central]

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